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Investment mistakes to avoid during market volatility

David Liddell speaks to the Investors Chronicle about common investing mistakes made during periods of market volatility.

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Tips on drip feeding cash into the market

How to tackle investing in distressed markets.

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Can investment trusts continue to raise their dividends in the current crisis?

David Liddell gives his views on how dividends may be affected in the current lockdown.

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Exposure to illiquid investments through investment trusts

David Liddell talks to Leonora Walters on the issues for investors when looking at investment trusts holding illiquid investments.

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Investment trusts: invest alongside the wealthy

Article by Emma Agyemang in the FT on investment trusts with significant family ownership, including comments by David Liddell.  Emma looks at such trusts as RIT Capital and Caledonia where respectively the Rothschild and Cayzer families have large shareholdings.

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Jupiter European Opportunities

David Liddell gives his views on the risks and rewards of following Jupiter European opportunities to its new home as current manager Alex Darwall takes on the management at his newly established company, Devon.

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Investment trust launches (IPOs)

David Liddell comments in the FT about investment trust launches (IPOs) and Woodford Patient Capital Trust.

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Investors Chronicle Top 100 Funds

investment podcast

In this week’s Personal Finance Show, David Liddell, chief executive of IpsoFacto Investor, explains how he helped put together the Investors Chronicle Top 100 Funds. He also says how he chooses a good fund and what key attributes he looks for as well as profiling a top performer he suggests adding to the list.

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£39bn surely buys an option

IpsoFacto Investor in the press

David Liddell’s letter to the Financial Times.

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Recommended investment trusts

ipsofacto investor article for investors chronicle

David Liddell discusses the most recommended investment trusts with Emma Agyemang of the Investors Chronicle. Emma has analysed platform and data provider ratings to find the most frequently recommended investment trusts.

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