IpsoFacto Investor Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

distrust of expensive investment advice

With over 25 years experience IpsoFacto’s investment approach is designed with the private investor in mind.



IpsoFacto Investor philosophy is driven by three main ideas:

    • Distrust of expensive investment advice

    • Determination to establish a disciplined and professional approach to investment

    • The ‘pursuit of value’ being at the heart of successful long-term investment.

By value investing we mean finding investments which are cheap relative to the market. There are a number of academic studies that suggest that over the long term a value approach to investing is successful.

The importance of a system

importance of an investment systemOur approach is methodical and objective. We look at how your money should be invested between the major asset classes of Cash, Bonds and Equities. This ‘asset allocation’ decision can be the most important investment choice.

We are not trying to be smarter than many highly paid analysts or predict the investment landscape. IpsoFacto Investor philosophy is that the future is uncertain and that to think you can be 100% right about investing is dangerous.

We take a diversified approach and

    • Seek value between the main asset classes based on objective analysis

    • Rank the top UK listed equities by value each month to build a conservative equity portfolio

    • Choose investment trusts and other funds by level of discount and performance to add value

    • Analyse bonds by finding the best combination of return and risk.