Investment Portfolio Review

As part of Full Membership we are offering a FREE annual investment portfolio review

IpsoFacto Investor is a new investment service. It is designed to empower private investors to take control of their own investments. On Using IpsoFacto we set out the many benefits of membership. In addition we are offering a investment portfolio reviewfree investment portfolio review when you sign up as a full member. But if you want to sample our services first, take out our FREE TWO MONTH TRIAL.

This independent investment portfolio review is like a financial health-check. Many investors are well able to manage their own affairs and put together an investment portfolio suitable for their own circumstances without expensive financial advice. What sometimes may be lacking is an independent sounding board, an investment companion to take a fresh view. Our investment portfolio review – available when you sign up as a Full Member at just £10 a month – provides an independent assessment to give you peace of mind.

We have designed an easy to use questionnaire to compile the information so that we can provide the assessment.

All information provided will be assessed in the strictest confidence. The more information provided the more accurate the review will be.

In our investment portfolio review we will provide, among other things:

  • An analysis of investments by geography and asset class
  • How this compares to our current recommended asset allocation
  • How does the portfolio match up to your objectives
  • What is the income yield on your portfolio
  • Comments on individual holdings as appropriate


When you join as a full member, as well as the many other services such as our recommended portfolios of investment trusts, equities and bonds, you will find the investment portfolio review form under the Members’ tab on the top menu.

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