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A review of likely market performance under President Trump

ipsofacto investor looks at investments under President Trump

Has the stock market played all its Trump cards? Well, we got the volatility bit right, if not the result. The FTSE 100 opened yesterday (09.11.16) down 2% but soon rallied as investors digested Trump’s conciliatory tone in his winning… continue reading

What effect will the US election have on your investments?

ipsofacto investor us election

What effect will the US election have on your investments? Does it matter? In an article for the Telegraph today entitled ‘Trump win need not be as bad as markets fear’, Roger Bootle argues that particular politicians rarely have much… continue reading

Investment Trust Podcast

David Liddell is special guest on the Investors Chronicle Personal Finance Show.  In this week’s investment trust special he talks to Leonora, Kate and Emma. They discuss how to analyse investment trusts for income, David’s investment trust income portfolio and… continue reading

Woodford Patient Capital Trust

Time to lose patience? To be fair the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT), launched in a frenzy of marketing activity in April last year, has been running for only just under 18 months; hardly long enough to judge a trust… continue reading

Absolute Return Funds


Absolutely (un)fabulous or an alternative to cash? In a high risk low return environment absolute return funds may appear to be the Holy Grail; what many investors are looking for is an alternative to bonds and cash, to give a… continue reading

After Brexit . . .

EU referendum

Of course the truth is we are not really yet ‘after Brexit’ as the process of disengaging – the dreaded Article 50 – will take some time. According to the Prime Minister’s statement on Friday, this process – the triggering… continue reading

How you should invest ahead of the EU Referendum

EU referendum

In just over three weeks time the UK electorate will vote on whether to remain in the EU or not. The Prime Minister has called this ‘more important than a general election.’ Does this vote matter for investment markets? And… continue reading

Budget measures and stock market reaction

budget analysis for investors

When the Chancellor rose to speak at 12.30pm today (16.03.16) the main UK stock market, FTSE 100, was broadly flat, having given up earlier small gains. Despite a few gyrations by individual shares – Tate & Lyle dropped 4.5% initially… continue reading

Market Update 17.01.16

IpsoFacto Investor market update

Unhappy New Year for Markets A distinctly nasty and to us unexpectedly severe fall in the markets has come early in the new year. The FTSE 100 finished at 5804 on Friday 15th January and the S&P 500 1880, down… continue reading

The Fed Awakens (Finally!)

federal reserve raises interest rates

The Federal Reserve raises US interest rate Yesterday (16.12.15) the Federal Reserve, as had been widely anticipated, finally raised US interest rates (strictly the target rate for Fed Funds) by 0.25%; so the target which had been 0 to 0.25%… continue reading